Hello, we are your farmers.

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We're Pru and Rich, and we steward the land at Lazy Meadow Vegan Farm. Our backgrounds are in campaigning for a better food system and we're passionate about producing ecologically sound food for our local community here in Cusgarne, Cornwall.

We believe in agriculture that builds soil health and fertility without supporting animal cruelty. We are committed to farming practices that eliminate the use of animal products as a source of nutrients. We work with nature's cycles, and accept that we will always lose a portion of what we grow to the wild insects, birds, and mammals who share our farm and that's OK, they are our neighbours.

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What is Vegan agriculture?

Unlike most farms we don't use any animal inputs such as blood, bone or sh*t. We are passionate about agriculture that supports soil health and fertility without animal use. Unfortunately, most fertilisers from animal products are either additional profitable products from slaughter such as blood or bone meal or, in the case of manure, from intensive factory farms where animals are kept in deplorable conditions. And in line with vegan principles we also go to great lengths to avoid killing or harming wildlife - birds, mammals, reptiles and insects too. We ensure our farm not only produces foods for humans, but also creates habitats and healthy eco-systems for wildlife, while respecting their inherent right to use the space too. We also don't use any synthetic fertilisers, pesticides or 'weed' killers. 

What is No-dig?

Digging is a human attempt to 'improve' soil structure, but soil naturally has its own perfect structure. No-dig leaves soil as undisturbed as possible, feeding the soil ecosystem with organic matter placed on the surface, as happens in nature, to maintain drainage and aeration naturally while protecting all the wonderful life in the soil. We were inspired by the work of Charles Dowding and Stephanie Hafferty.

Photography by Andy Hughes