Hello, we are your farmers.

We're Pru and Rich, and we steward the land at Lazy Meadow Farm with the help of our four-legged friends Bryher and Ingo. Our backgrounds are in campaigning for justice in the food system and we're passionate about producing ecologically sound food for our local community, here in Cornwall.

When we grow food, we follow vegan, organic, no-dig principles in all that we do. It's all about growing great food and beautiful flowers, while building soil fertility and looking after the birds and the bees. We don't use any pesticides or herbicides, we plant wild flowers, and have constructed bug-hotels at the farm. 

What is a Vegan / Veganic / Stock-free Farm?

We're members of the Vegan Organic Network. “Veganic” is a combination of the two words “vegan” and “organic” to create a new concept for farming. In line with organic principles, we don't use any synthetic fertilisers pesticides or weed killers, as they harm the soil ecosystem. And in line with vegan principles we go to great lengths to avoid killing or harming wildlife - birds, mammals, reptiles and insects too. In fact, we ensure our farm not only produces foods for humans, but also creates habitats and healthy eco-systems for wildlife.

What is No-dig?

Digging is a human attempt to 'improve' soil structure, but soil naturally has its own perfect structure. No-dig leaves soil as undisturbed as possible, feeding the soil ecosystem with organic matter placed on the surface, as happens in nature, to maintain drainage and aeration naturally while protecting all the wonderful life in the soil. We were  inspired by the work of Charles Dowding and Stephanie Hafferty.